Case Studies

“Para Print has helped us to keep this project on schedule while minimizing issues.”
Tom/XXXX (Project is still under development with non-disclosure in place.)

Company: XXXX Co. Hardware for communications industry

Vertical: High Tech - Communications

Challenge: Leveraging Flexo Plates to print adhesive lines down to 15 microns.

Effects: Inability to provide these specialized plates will cause the project to be delayed or cancelled.

Opportunity: $100,000,000 potential revenue from product – if it can be manufactured.

The Solution:

Customer leveraged Para Print’s consulting services to create a new method of flexo plate production. The result: using Cad Cam engineering files, Para Print was able to provide plates that were capable of printing lines that are the thickness of a human hair (15 microns). This unique Para Print capability to produce such fine lines directly contributed to the success of the project, protecting the customer’s investment, and keeping the project moving forward.