Hapa Flexo Plates

Precision-Crafted Hapa Plates

Is your goal 100% uptime on your Blister lines that incorporate Hapa presses? Then you need to take a look at Para Print and our unique capabilities.

More and more pharmaceutical companies are turning to Hapa Rotary presses for their blister lines. Plates for these presses must be crafted and punched to the tightest of tolerances.

Para Print is on the leading edge of this growing population of Hapa presses having made and punched thousands of these plates.

Most of these plates were punched using a custom engineered device built exclusively for Para Print. Since its implementation there have been zero defects reported from our customers due to plates that were out of registration.

Why not contact us today regarding a sample project and experience our quality and service first hand. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.